Secrets to Growing Back Healthy Hair

Secrets to Growing Back Healthy Hair

Secrets to Growing Back Healthy Hair

With age, your youthful vitality will expectedly reduce. This would also reflect on your physical appearance, with sagging skin, growing paunch, and even thinning hair. But when it comes to hair loss, it is sadly not related only to advancing years. There are many people who suffer from thinning hair, receding hairlines, and even premature baldness. If you are suffering the same issue, you should be thankful that you have time to remedy the situation. Here is a short blog that can give you some easy yet effective tips to help grow back healthy hair.

Secrets tips to help grow back healthy hair:

A very common error younger people do is to assume that keeping the hair clean by washing / soaping / shampooing it every day would help keep the hair clean and healthy. But the reality is that it actually washes away the essential oils on the hair strands and from the scalp which keep the hair moisturized and healthy. That is why an occasion wash two to three times a week is a better way of doing it.

Even when you use shampoo sparingly a few times a week, the choice of your shampoo or conditioner does have an impact on whether you would be able to get your normal hair growth back. Sulphates in shampoos, for example, provide a bubbly and frothy look to the shampoo and also cleans dirt well, but those sulphates also have several possible side effects. Some studies have indicated carcinogenic properties in those sulphates as well. You can use our biotin shampoo for hair growth.

While giving your hair a wet wash is not recommended, it is important that you keep it clean. This can be done by running a brush gently through your hair every day. This helps to remove the dust, and dirt from hair, and also takes away flakes and scales if any. The hair shaft usually has oily sebum on it, and daily brushing helps to distribute it evenly over the hair strand. Use biotin spray for hair growth

Another easy but often underestimated way of stimulating hair growth is a simple physical massage of your scalp. This can be done simply with your bare hands, but for best results you must apply some oil on your hands before you do it. It improves blood circulation to the scalp and hair roots and this helps to push necessary nutrients to the root of the hair strand.

Another common error people make is to assume that the only way to grow their lush hair back is by physically taking care of it. But healthy hair is also a function of what you eat and drink. Water is the first thing that you should have lots of, not only for your hair but also for the rest of your body. Additionally, some foods are very good for hair growth, like salmon fish, walnuts, almonds, eggs, spinach, and blueberries.

Apart from food and drink, the overall lifestyle you follow also has an impact on hair growth, or lack of it. Too much stress has been found to hasten hair fall. If your job or business makes stress avoidable, try meditation a few times a week. Sleep well and on time, and try to get some physical exercise a few times a week at least, if not every day.

While on the topic of applying oil to your fingers during a massage, it is strongly recommended that you apply oil massage to your scalp as often as possible. Any normal hair oil should do, but the specific oils that have proven results in hair growth are jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and argan oil. Oils applied to your scalp during an oil massage can supplement the natural oils secreted by the scalp.

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