Best Hairstyle for Men

Best Hairstyle for Men

It is a myth that men hardly ever spend time on grooming themselves, while women spend hours in front of the mirror. That might have been true several decades back, but today, you are equally likely to find a man preening in front of the mirror. We feel this is a very good development. Just like the man of today’s millennium does not shy away from expressing his feelings and maybe even shedding a tear, similarly he does not feel embarrassed at taking care of his own looks.

If a man can spend some time and effort in grooming himself, it only adds to his self-esteem and self-confidence. Take hair, for instance. Today, you will find so many men’s hair care products on store shelves. Even when it comes to hairstyles for men,it is no longer about men carelessly tossing their hair back.

In case you are a bit jaded with the same style of combing your hair for several years, this blog will help you choose an alternative, by offering a list of good hairstyles for men. It has a quick compilation of six of the best hair styles for men that are in vogue today.

  1. In the best mens hair salons the most popular hair cuts are still a traditional hair style cut with scissors with the length usually at or near the top of the ear and the top around two to three inches long. The style is totally up to the patron and the stylist as to the finished look and products.
  2. One of the more classic 60s look which uses a fade is the one which has a side parting. This is combined with a rather windblown pomp on top which has a wavy comb back which completes the look. This was one of the most popular mens haircuts 50 years back, but still holds its own.
  3. Men with naturally curly hair are the envy of other men, and the cynosure of women. One of the most popular styles for curly men’s hair is the combination of short curls and a temple fade that has been carefully done.
  4. This hairstyle has another variant, for men who have short and curly hair. The hair is cropped short on the top and sides, but the top hair is given some texture on top.
  5. Okay, we promise that this is the very last curly hair style we will list. The two listed above are meant for short and curly hair. But if you prefer to wear your curly hair long, then keep some texture on top, and medium length on the sides. The longer hair also allows you to use a molding paste or cream on your hair.
  6. Remember in a business environment your hair must meet specific guidelines to be accepted in a boardroom for instance. Many clipper cuts are fine for younger clients, students and artists. But as a professional we recommend a hair style with reasonable length and less severe clipper work. You can achieve many current hairstyles with scissor cuts, with light or no clipper work.

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